Product List-Nero Tapware
Unparalleled dense water spray,
like in soft spring rain
The Air Shower is Nero's Newest Shower Experience.
From the moment the water leaves the nozzle,
the flow disperses and diffuses until it caresses your skin.
It is a unique and exceptional shower experience. Light as air, this is a pure, delicate indulgence.
Air Shower will give you an extraordinary escape, you will never want to return from.
Crystallisation of Art
and Technology

Take your next shower product to a new level
Abundant Nozzles

innovative design structure with 2 times nozzles allow
the air shower to consistently disperse water like soft Spring Rain.
Delicate, gentle, quiet and soothing.
air RAIN shower
68% nozzles more
2 times nozzle
than normal shower
117% nozzles more
PVD AF Coating

We have applied the latest PVD AF coating technology on our Air Shower.
It is able to keep our Air Shower always as clean and shiny like new.
Food grade silica
ensures heathy and safety

Integrated faceplate,
no gap between the face and hand piece keeps this product clean
and hygienic with no dirt or bacteria able to get in.
It is also easy to rub clean and free of blockages.
4 available colours Enjoy
styling your bathroom
High Quality Chrome / PVD AF Brushed Gold / Matt Black / PVD AF Brushed Nickel
let's find out